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件名Minutes of 2019 National Delegate Assembly2019-08-05 10:34:11

National Delegate Assembly of AOFNMB

- Minutes - 

Date: May 10, 2019

Time: 18:00-18:30

Room: Aquarius Hall

Place: Greenland International Convention Center, Shanghai, China


Welcome by J. Hatazawa, President of AOFNMB

Approval of the agenda: The Agenda was approved

Approval of the minutes of the last NDA Meeting (Melbourne, 2018): The Minutes were approved.



H. Matsuda, treasurer of AOFNMB, presented the finance of 2018 (see attached file).

The budget use for 2018 was approved.


J. Hatazawa presented the offer of the fund by JSNM. The fund was approved.


JSNM funded approximately 90,000USD to AOFNMB

JSNM funded 90,000USD for Tomio Inoue Award (travel award)

H. Matsuda, Treasurer, presented the priority of budget use for 2019.


Debt to Trinity for 2017 office management fee (35,000USD)

Homepage reconstruction (AOFNMB HQ Office and Tokyo Office)

AOFNMB HQ office management fee (official lawyer and tax accountant)

Transitional period office management fee to Trinity (20,000USD)

AOJNMB Publication Office management (up to 10,000USD)

AONMB Office management (up to 10,000USD)

Debt to Trinity for 2016 office management fee (35,000USD)


The priority of the budget for 2019 was approved.



J. Hatazawa proposed an appointment of Prof. Huang Gang as President-elect of AOFNMB (see recommendation letter). The appointment was approved.


Congress Chair

J. Hatazawa proposed an appointment of Prof. Akram Al-ibraheem as Congress Chair of AOCNMB 2021 (see recommendation letter). The appointment was approved.


IAEA Training Curriculum

J. Hatazawa proposed an approval of “Training Curriculum for Nuclear Medicine Physicians” by IAEA (by 31 nuclear medicine experts)


Board of Directors

25 members of AOFNMB was appointed as Board of Directors of AOFNMB.


MOU with American College of Nuclear Medicine

MOU with American College of Nuclear Medicine was approved.



G. Huang, Dean of AOSNM/ASNM, presented current activity of AOSNM.

D. Sabih, Chairman of AONMB/ANMB, presented current activity for accreditation of NM professionals.

S. Zakavi, Editor-in-Chief of AOJNMB, presented current publication of AOJNMB.

H. Matsuda, Director of AORIN, presented current activities of AORIN brain and AORIN thyroid.


The venue of next NDA for AOFNMB 2020 will be announced later.