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Membership Rules

Membership Rules
The Asia and Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology


These rules (the “Rules”) provide the procedures for admission as a member of the Asia and Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (the “AOFNMB”), the initiation fees, and the annual membership fees in accordance with Article 6 of the Articles of AOFNMB.

Article 1 (Categories of Membership)

The AOFNMB shall have five categories of membership: Academic Society Members, Individual Members, Student Members, Supporting Members, and Institutional Members.
(1) Academic Society Members: Corporations or groups in the field of nuclear medicine who shares the objectives of the AOFNMB and represents the country or region;
(2) Individual Members: Physicians, researchers, and other individuals who share the purpose of the AOFNMB and are engaged in research, education, or diagnostics in the field of nuclear medicine;
(3) Student Members: Students enrolled in universities or graduate schools related to the field of nuclear medicine who share the purpose of the AOFNMB;
(4) Supporting Members: A company or individual who share the purpose of the AOFNMB and furthers its purpose; and
(5) Institutional Members: Medical institutions, research institutes, academic organizations, and other institutions that share the purpose of the AOFNMB and furthers its purposes.


Article 2 (Becoming a Member)

1. Any person who desires to become a member of the AOFNMB must submit a prescribed application form for membership and obtain the approval of the Representative Director.
2. The Representative Director shall notify a person or corporation who has submitted an application for membership pursuant to the preceding paragraph whether his or her application has been approved.
3. The time of admission to the AOFNMB shall be as follows:
(1) For Supporting Members and Institutional Members, upon payment of the annual fees; and
(2) For Academic Society Members, Individual Members, and Student Members, upon the approval of the Representative Director.


Article 3 (Benefits of Membership)

Members may participate in various events and consultation meetings held by the AOFNMB, and their officers and employees are entitled to use the benefits which are separately stipulated.


Article 4 (Initiation Fees)

1. There is no initiation fee for every membership.


Article 5 (Annual Membership Fees)

1. Members shall pay the following annual membership fees corresponding to the following categories:
(1) Academic Society Members:
Academic societies with 1,001 or more members:  US$1,000.00
Academic societies with 500-1000 members: US$500.00
Academic societies with 100-499 members:  US$100.00
Academic societies with 30-99 members: US$50.00
Academic societies with fewer than 29 members: No annual membership fees
(2) Individual Members:  US$20.00
(3) Categories of Supporting Members: US$3,000.00, US$5,000.00 and US$10,000.00
(4) Institutional Members: US$5,000.002.
2. There is no annual membership fee for Student Members.


Article 6 (Change of Membership Information)

If there is any change in the information provided in the membership application form, such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, mail address, etc., after becoming a member, each member shall promptly submit a written notification of change to the Representative Director.


Article 7 (Transfer of Membership)

The membership status of the AOFNMB may not be transferred to a third party; provided, however, that this shall not apply when prior approval of the Representative Director is obtained.


Article 8 (Loss of Membership)

If a member falls under any of the following items, such member shall lose its membership:
(1) When he/she has withdrawn from membership;
(2) When the member has a significant deterioration or loss of mental capacity;
(3) Death of a member, or dissolution of a member that is a legal entity; or
(4) When a member is expelled.


Article 9 (Withdrawal)

1. A member may voluntarily withdraw from membership by submitting a prescribed withdrawal notice to the Representative Director.
2. A person who intends to withdraw from membership shall complete their prescribed obligations.


Article 10 (Expulsion)

In cases where a member falls under any of the following items, the member may be expelled based on a resolution of majority of Directors:
(1) If the member violates a provision of the AOFNMB’s Articles of Incorporation, rules or resolutions of the general meeting;
(2) If the member commits an act that injures the reputation of the AOFNMB or is contrary to its purpose; or
(3) If the member is i in arrears on the payment of membership fees for two continuous years or more.


Article 11 (Non-Return of Contributions)

Paid membership fees, membership fees, and other contributions (whether financial or in-kind) will not be refunded.


Article 12 (Modification of Membership Rules)

The Members will be notified promptly if any amendments are made to these Membership Rules. 


Supplementary Provisions

These Rules shall come into force as of [   ] 2018.