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he Organization shall be called the Asia & Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology hereinafter referred to as “Federation” or “AOFNMB.” The AOFNMB Office is located in 3-6-303 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki City, Osaka, JAPAN.


Section 1. The objectives of the Federation are to:

  1. Unite national societies or groups in the field of Nuclear Medicine & Biology throughout Asia & Oceania with equal representation
  2. Promote the development of Nuclear Medicine & Biology in the Region
  3. Organize committees, set up technical standards, to aid in the diffusion of knowledge and exchange of scientific and technical information in this field, by means of conferences, colloquia, symposia, courses and national & international congresses
  4. Foster research and publication and other means to heighten awareness in the field of Nuclear Medicine & Biology
  5. Develop a unified program of education and training of the medical and allied professions involved in Nuclear Medicine & Biology and an accreditation system for human resources of nuclear medicine professionals.
  6. Facilitate the exchange of scientists between member societies and to promote the organization of a body which will centralize and help this interchange

Section 2.

  1. The Federation is based on the principle of equality of all its members.
  2. The Federation is a non-profit body with academic and professional scope.


Section 3. Society Membership of the Federation is open to societies, groups or associations in different countries within the geographical area of Asia & Oceania.

  1. The term “societies” means the officially established bodies which are clearly involved in research, education, training and/or practice in Nuclear Medicine & Biology only.
  2. The term “group” means groups within a country in which official bodies of Nuclear Medicine & Biology have not as yet been established.
  3. Under exceptional circumstances any country can be represented by more than one society provided that each society is accepted by two-thirds majority of the members voting at a National Delegate Assembly.

Section 4. Individual Membership:

  1. Regular Members. Regular members are nuclear medicine physicians, nuclear medicine related scientists, and technical and allied professionals working in the field of nuclear medicine.
  2. Associate Members. These are physicians who are undergoing training in Nuclear Medicine in their respective countries, and postgraduate students in Nuclear Medicine related sciences.


Section 5. Industrial Membership and Institutional Membership:

  1. Industrial members are representatives of equipment and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers after approval by the National Delegate Assembly.
  2. Institutional members are representatives of medical institutions.


Section 6. The Society Members of the Federation shall:

  1. Inform the Secretary-General regarding the names and affiliations of office bearers of their national societies or group and of any change in such office bearers.
  2. Inform the Secretary-General regarding designated delegates (Section 8A) who will represent their national society or group at a scheduled Assembly of the Federation (Section 8B), not less than sixty (60) days prior to the Congress in conjunction with which the Assembly will be convened.



Section 7. National Delegate Assembly (NDA)

  1. is the highest decision-making body which shall resolve all matters brought before it for consideration and approval.
  2. will be the principal organizational body of the Federation
  3. shall consist of no more than two delegates per National Society or group. Each National Society or group shall be entitled to a single vote which shall be recognized and cast only if it has paid its dues.
  4. will be convened during the AOFNMB Congress or in special sessions as occasion may require. Special sessions shall be convened by the President at the request of NDA and/or subsidiary organs. NDA shall be announced by the Secretary-General not less than sixty (60) days prior to a scheduled date.
  5. approves applications of national societies or groups for the Society Membership
  6. elects a President and President-elect
  7. approves nomination of a Secretary-General and a Treasurer made by the President
  8. approves the appointment of representatives to the Governing Council
  9. approves the site of the AOFNMB Congress and the Congress Chairman
  10. shall decide on all other matters & policies brought to its attention by the Governing Council or Office Bearers.

Section 8. Governing Council (GC)

  1. shall act for, and on behalf of, the Federation and shall implement all policies and decisions taken by NDA
  2. shall consist of the President, President-elect, Congress Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer, the immediate past President, four regional members (approval in Yokohama) appointed by the President with proportionate representations from different countries, Chair of Asian Nuclear Medicine Board, Editor-in-Chief of Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, Director of Asia Oceania Research Initiative Network, Dean of Asia Oceania School of Nuclear Medicine, and Head of Congress Management Bureau.
  3. shall receive & process applications for membership and transmit the same to the NDA for approval
  4. shall fix the dues to be paid by National Societies, adjust the same from time-to-time, and grant exemptions as it deems appropriate.


Dues by National Societies was not fixed yet and not paid. The following is a proposal: number of members more than 1000: 1000 USD/year, 500-1000 members: 500 USD/year, 100-499 members: 100 USD, 30-99 members: 50 USD, less than 30 members: exemption

  1. shall receive & process proxy votes from National Societies unable to send any representative to NDA.
  2. may establish subsidiary bodies and may appoint persons to represent it in its relationship with other organizations as may be found necessary in the performance of various tasks.

Program Committee of AOCNMB: working together with the local Organizing Committee

Brain Imaging Council

Cardiac Imaging Council

FDG PET Council

Skeletal Imaging Council

General NM Council

Thyroid Council

Molecular Target Radionuclide Therapy Council

Hybrid Imaging Council (including PET MR)

NM Technology Council

Radiopharmaceuticals Council

Nuclear Physics Council (Radionuclide production)

Section 9. The Office Bearers shall be the President, the President-elect, the Congress Chairman, the Secretary-General, and Treasurer.

  1. The President shall be the highest official of AOFNMB, elected during the NDA for a term of four (4) years; shall chair the GC in all of its deliberations and shall represent the Federation in international events or legal proceedings; shall nominate the AOFNMB Secretary-General & Treasurer subject to the approval of the National Delegates Assembly; shall appoint four regional representatives to the Governing Council subject to the approval of the NDA; shall administer the Federation and is authorized to enter into contracts, conventions and other legal documents in its name; shall appoint chairpersons and members of working committees and task forces as may be created subject to the concurrence of the GC; shall perform all other acts and discharge duties in accordance with established norms of organizations.
  2. The President-elect shall be elected during the NDA two years before the President’s term; shall join GC; shall carry out duties of the President in the event of his absence or incapacity and for the duration of the President’s term of office; shall perform such other functions as the President may designate him to do.
  3. The Congress Chairman shall be the highest official of the AOFNMB Congress nominated by the host country to be held in the period as determined by the NDA; shall be elected by the National Society and approved by the NDA; shall be authorized to organize the Congress and form its Local Organizing Committee from among the professionals within the country and from other places; determine Congress registration fees upon consultation with the GC; shall designate the official Congress venue, date & duration; delegates’ accommodations, transportation & amenities; Congress event organizers, sponsors and exhibitors; and perform such other functions to ensure good attendance with adequate safety & security of delegates; shall endeavor to raise funds to support deserving delegates from developing countries, especially for Young Investigators; shall perform financial transactions to ensure Congress profitability and adequate turnover to the next Congress Chairman.
  4. The Secretary-General shall be the Federation’s chief administrative officer and custodian of all records and shall liaise with National Societies as his primary function; shall be nominated by the President with the approval of the National Delegates Assembly; shall establish the AOFNMB Secretariat and ensure the efficient performance of its staff; shall prepare the minutes and agenda of the meetings of the National Delegates Assembly and the Governing Council and shall disseminate them in accordance with established norms; shall receive and handle documents from National Societies (especially the names, positions and addresses of their current leadership) and transmit them to the appropriate Office Bearers or Congress Organizers; shall transmit to National Societies proceedings of meetings of National Delegates Assembly and Governing Council as may be appropriate; shall carry out duties of the President in the event of the absence or incapacity of the President and President-elect for the duration of the President’s term of office; shall perform such other functions as the President and Congress Chairman may designate him to do.
  5. The Treasurer shall be the Federation’s chief financial officer and in charge of its financial transactions; shall be nominated by the President with the approval of the National Delegates Assembly; shall draw up the Federation budget and record all entries of income & expenditures and balance sheet, submitting them for review by professional auditors; shall receive dues coming from National Societies and deposit them in appropriate accounts; or shall recommend exemptions from paying dues if circumstances are valid and meritorious; shall make periodic reports to the National Delegates Assembly and the Governing Council on the financial status of the Federation.

Section 10. Subsidiary Bodies. Subsidiary Bodies refer to AOFNMB institutions created to help carry out functions of varying natures.

10-1. Asia Oceania School of Nuclear Medicine (AOSNM).

  1. AOSNM shall be the educational & training arm of AOFNMB that shall foster education in Nuclear Medicine & Biology in Asia and Oceania countries, especially in the less developed ones.
  2. AOSNM shall promote training of Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists, radiopharmacists, medical physicists and other allied professionals through cooperative agreements with National Societies, universities, government agencies, and industry partners.
  3. AOSNM shall assist National Societies in developing continuing professional education courses on the clinical applications of nuclear energy in human health.
  4. AOSNM shall develop educational & training discussion materials during AOFNMB Congresses.

10-2. Congress Management Bureau (CMB).

  1. CMB shall be the managing arm of AOFNMB concerned with the organization and efficient administration of the congresses.
  2. CMB shall assist the Congress host country’s Local Organizing Committee in developing the administrative, business & financial plans of the Congress to assure efficiency and profitability of the event.
  3. CMB shall provide continuing liaison with industry partners present in the Region and shall solicit possible sponsors and exhibitors in countries that will host future congresses.

10-3. Research & Publication Office (RPO).

  1. RPO shall be the conduit for the research undertakings of Nuclear Medicine professionals in the Asian Region as well as the publication arm of the Federation.
  2. RPO shall provide support & coordination services to basic & clinical research initiatives coming from the Region.
  3. RPO shall organize seminars on research methodologies with particular target on young investigators.
  4. RPO shall endeavor to publish research & congress proceedings on journals and on-line cyber sites.


Section 11. The Federation shall hold periodic regional Congresses of Nuclear Medicine & Biology. In these Congresses every member of national societies or groups of Nuclear Medicine & Biology may participate. The site of the next congress shall be decided in the NDA meeting during the Regional Congress. The Congress Chairman shall be nominated by the host country and approved by the NDA. The elected Congress Chairman shall then nominate his/her own organizing committee and shall liaise with the President and Secretary-General of the Federation.


Section 12. The Federation shall hold periodic Congresses on sites to be determined by the National Delegates Assembly in its meeting held for the purpose.

Section 13. The sites of the AOFNMB Congress shall be decided by a majority vote after discussions on the bid documents submitted by interested host countries.

Section 14. The Congress shall be organized by the Congress President and its Local Organizing Committee. It shall have at least four (4) days of scientific sessions and social events. It may be preceded by Pre-Congress or followed by post-Congress symposia, cultural events or local tours which may be organized depending on the judgment of the Local Organizing Committee. The official language during the Congress shall be English.

Section 15. Expenditures incurred for operation of the AOFNMB Congresses shall be borne by the National Society or group hosting the event. A 10 percent of the registration fees of the Congress should be transferred to the Governing Council. This percentage shall be agreed on at the National Delegates Assembly meeting.

Section 16. The Federation may organize scientific meetings, seminars, symposia or training courses in conjunction with conventions or conferences of National Societies or with the International Atomic Energy Agency.


Section 17. Amendments to this Charter may be proposed by any National Society member of the Federation. Certified copies of the text of any amendment proposed shall be prepared by the President and communicated by the Secretary-General at least sixty (60) days in advance of its consideration by the National Delegates Assembly.

Section 18. Amendments shall become effective after being adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the delegates to the National Delegates Assembly.

Latest amendments agreed upon at the:

Jakarta Assembly, 1992

Seoul Extraordinary Assembly, Oct.25th, 2012

Yokohama, National Delegate Assembly, Oct. 5th, 2017


Membership Rules (Download)