AORIN( 2019.10.29)

Asia Oceania Research Initiative Network (AORIN) is launched to promote an expansion of nuclear medicine in the region by working together with multiple member states, industry members, medical institutions, and hospitals. Currently, two projects are working.

AORIN brain is a promotion of Nuclear Neurology by applying statistical parametric analysis of brain imaging. It consists of creating normal data base, free software for brain SPECT and PET image analysis (eZIS) provided by Dr. Hiroshi Matsuda (Tokyo), Fujifilm RI Pharma (Tokyo), and Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine. It has been already distributed in Taiwan, Korea, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippine, and Malaysia. Each member state are now creating normal data base in each region. The limitation of the current project is availability of SPECT tracers. AOFNMB is now negotiating with providers of tracers to Asia and Oceania regions. I-123 brain tracers such as I-123 DAT scan for SPECT dopaminergic system imaging to differentiate between Parkinso’s disease and parkinsonian syndrome, and I-123 iomazenil for neuron density imaging are now under negotiation for distribution.

AORIN thyroid is working to investigate availability of I-131 and to accumulate data of I-131 use for thyroid diseases.

AORIN BNCT will soon start by collaborating with Sumitomo Heavy Industry Co., Southern TOHOKU General Hospital, and Osaka University. Prof. Kyin Myint of Yangon General Hospital, Prof. W. Huang of Taiwan, Prof. Fahad Marafi of Kuwait are involved in the AORIN BNCT project. Southern TOHOKU General Hospital launched education and training center for BNCT, PET, and proton therapy for AOFNMB members (more information is available in Top page notice).

Please see the details in the leaflet. Leaflet (Fukushima_Campus)