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件名AOJNMB Report (May 22, 2019)2019-05-24 11:23:50
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Dear Prof.Hatazawa                                                                                                                                       

President of AOFNMB


2019 Official AOJNMB Report (Click)


With my best regards, I would like to present a brief report of the AOJNMB activities.

AOJNMB is a free journal which serves as the official Journal of AOFNMB. It is biannual publication that has launched in 

2013 and continued on time publication without even a single day delay. As you may know on time publication is the 

main concern for indexing repositories like ISI, PubMed,…… Any delay may result in exclusion of the Journal from 


AOJNMB has published 150 articles up to now, from 24 different countries, however the main contributors 

were Japan (54) and Iran (29) followed by Australia (11). Other advanced countries in Asia Oceania region like Korea, 

China, India and Turkey had either minimal or no contribution.

AOJNMB had wonderful visibility with more than 357000 views and more than 318000 downloads for these articles 

that shows excellent visibility, easy access and excellent website function. The other issue that made us popular was 

transparency; we show our “rejection rate” and “processing time” (average time from submission to first decision) 

live on the website and it is decreased from few months in 2013 to just above one month in 2019.

AOJNMB has already indexed in Pubmed Central and many other indexing centers, however we have not indexed 

in Scopus and ISI yet. As you may know, in spite of millions of papers published each year, only a small fraction of 

scientific publications are breakthrough or game changers in science. So the main aim of the repositories are to index 

the most important journals that really make a change in science. For that purpose they look at citation and few 

other important issues that include: 

1-On time publication  2-Number of articles published, 3-Statistical analysis in the articles, 

4-Number of citation per each article  5-Language issues, errors,.., 6-H-index of Editorial board , 

7-International cooperation, 8-Funding issues   

I will try to elaborate more information for each topic in the following paragraphs.

A-     (On time publication ) Fortunately we enjoy from on time publication, we have not even a single day delay           

         in last 6 years.

B-     (Number of articles published ).Unfortunately we have not lot of articles for publication. Scopus repository 

          rejected AOJNMB from indexing and criticized that our “editorial board is very large relative to our activities”. 

          The contribution of our editorial board were suboptimal. Many of them have not had any contribution at all 

          and some of them have not registered on the journal website yet, even after 6 years of publication! 

          These issues adversely affected AOJNMB indexing, as evaluators may think that we put their names on our 

          website without their consents or interests. Being an editorial board member is a privilege and we should 

          grant this privilege to people who are active, interested and cooperative either in review of the articles or 

          submission of article (encouraging their young colleagues for article submission to AOJNMB).

C-     (Statistical analysis & methodology)- We have checked the statistical analysis in the articles by statisticians 

          and tried to help authors in improving their analysis, however some of the articles have main flaws in 

          methodology that cannot be corrected and rejected. We have no problem in this part and we keep the quality 

          of articles very high.

D-     (Language issues):  We provide a free language edit by English professionals that is unique among scientific 

          journals and is very helpful for authors in our region.

E-      (H-index of editorial board members and international cooperation): We have wonderful diversity in our 

          board members, however some of board members have not scientific publication at all and their H-index are zero!

F-      (Funding issues):  One of the issues that raised during evaluation of AOJNMB for Scopus was funding issues. 

          “the web site should make clear the funding model and the long term archiving arrangements for journal content”.  

           We need to define the funding model of the AOJNMB and to announce it on the website to prevent a negative score. 

           Regarding AOJNMB costs we no longer print AOJNMB and it reduced our costs dramatically. However we have two 

           different type of costs that should be properly funded:  office costs and publication costs. Overall we spend about 

           11000 USD each year that is paid by my research grants (by my University) and out of my pocket. The detailed 

           list of costs are written in the slide. If we would like to spend more money on awards and advertisements 

           (that I believe we should), we need to add it up to the 11000USD. Regarding long term archiving of AOJNMB, 

           it is done in AOJNMB website as well as PMC website.

To foster AOJNMB activities and make it a valuable source in nuclear medicine, I prepared a strategic plan that will 

lead to great success. That is:

1-      Publishing 40 articles per year by 2020 (It means that we should publish 20 articles per issue)

2-      Increasing number of issues to 4 issues per year and at least 60 articles per year by 2025

3-      Indexing in Scopus by 2020 and in ISI by 2022

To meet this strategic plan we need to

A-     secure a sustainable funding for AOJNMB,

B-     revise our editorial board to a dynamic one, meaning that members with no or minimal activity in 

         editorial board replaced by active scientists with more interest and more contribution

C-     advertise for AOJNMB :

a.      Flyers in SNMMI, EANM, local meetings,…

b.      Awards to authors and reviewers,…

c.      Publication of abstract book of annual meeting as a supplement of AOJNMB (as we did in

          Japan and it was much better that abstract book of 2019).

I believe that AOFNMB will flourish with your leadership to be one of the main players of nuclear medicine in the world 

and it is a great pleasure for me as EIC of AOJNMB to serve you in this regard.



S. Rasoul Zakavi

Editor in Chief, AOJNMB