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件名National Delegate Assembly of AOFNMB (May 10, 2019, Shanghai, China)2019-03-07 11:41:34
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The National Delegate Assembly of AOFNMB will be held on May 10th, 2019, in Shanghai, China during the 13th Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOCNMB 2019).  

National Delegate Assembly of AOFNMB


18:00-19:00, May 10th, 2019

QUBE/Qbox hotel Shanghai Sanjiagang, China

(The Room will be specified and informed later)


I.             Remarks

II.          Reports

1.      Finance status of AOCNMB by HQ Office: as of Jan 1st, 2019

2.      Member status by HQ Office: Society member, Industry member, Individual member

3.      AOJNMB report by Publication Office

4.      ANMB report by Multan Office: Board examination, nomination of award, nomination of Honorable Fellow

5.      AOSNM report by Shanghai Office: Shanghai Campus, Korea Campus, Osaka Campus, Fukushima Campus, Asia Nuclear Medicine Academic Forum

6.      AORIN report by Tokyo Office

7.      Others

III.      Deliberation

1.      Priority of budget use

2.      Office management, AOJNMB, AONMB

3.      Call for Society and Industry Member

4.      MOU between EANM and AOFNMB

5.      Call for Board of directors: 25 members accepted

6.      Call for Council Committee members from FANMB

7.      Council organization (Chair and Council members)

8.      Others

IV.      Adjournment