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件名Report of ESMIT Winter School 20182018-03-09 17:32:59


Fig 1. The lecture and hands-on session of ESMIT winter school 2018 (oncology track). 


Fig 2. Program of ESMIT winter school 2018 (Oncology track: day1). 

Fig 3. Welcome reception and speeches from the organizers. It was held in the church building which was built in the 14th century and renovated into the lecture hall of the university of Bergamo.

Fig 4. View from the venue of ESMIT winter school 2018 in Bergamo (The weather was snowing and very cold, but very hot in the lecture).

Fig 5. Lunch with other participants from Croatia and Greece (with their permission of upload). The author was located in the right side of the picture.