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件名Survey 2001 (date: 2012-06-02)2017-07-20 17:42:41
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Dear Presidents of all member states of ARCCNM, 

Dr. William Cheuk-man Tong of Hong Kong sent the survey form to all presidents of ARCCNM member states on September 09. The survey aims at increasing our understanding of the current development and established facilities of NM in different countries under different regulations, and providing policy makers with information for further advancement of our specialty against any political, administrative or financial constraints. It will also create all the opportunities for future professional communications and collaborations across the Asian countries. 

To standardize the collection of information from each individual NM center, a sample questionnaire designated as Form A (for NM center) is enclosed for your sending to all the centers in your own country. Another questionnaire, Form B (for national NM Society), is to be completed by representatives from your national Society of Nuclear Medicine. 

Please kindly transfer all the completed forms on or before 10th October 2001 to Dr W. Cheuk Man Tong (Correspondence address: Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: (852)29586437. Fax: (852)27804451. Email:, who will be responsible for collective analyses of all the data together with the ARCCNM Office. Meaningful results from this survey will be feedback to you and your national Society. Selected results may further be published with your professional inputs. 

As some of the information related to each individual center or individual country may be highly sensitive or strictly confidential, we fully respect all informants to omit answering any questions at their own discretion. 

Please feel free to contact Dr.W Cheuk Man Tong and me for any queries or comments on this survey exercise. 

Thank you for your invaluable participation. 

Myung-Chul Lee, M.D. William Cheuk-Man Tong, M.D. 
Chairman, ARCCNM