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件名Survey on ASNM(Asian School of Nuclear Medicine) (date: 2012-06-02)2017-07-20 22:53:04

1. Which do you prefer as the PRIMARY means of conducting the 
Asian School of Nuclear Medicine? 
a. Classroom or symposium type of teaching (students coming to one location) 
b. Distance education program (self-study, modules will be sent to students) 
c. Fellowship or hands-on type 
d. All of the above 

2. Do you want the ASNM to offer the program as a formal MSc course 
to be conducted by a university, as a series of symposium to be 
attended by the students without a university degree, or as a 
fellowship type of training? 
a. Formal MSc course 
b. Series of symposia without a university degree 
c. Fellowship type 
d. All of the above 

3. In your opinion, will there be sufficient internet resources in your 
country to make an online education program feasible? 
a. Yes, there are adequate internet resources 
b. No, internet resources may be inadequate 

4. How many students do you think will enroll in the ASNM program, 
considering the various options available? (Please fill the number of 
students in the blank) 
a. Formal MSc course to be conducted in a university - ( ) 
b. No university degree (series of symposia) - ( ) 
c. Distance education program (possibility of a university degree) - ( ) 

5.To establish the Asian School of Nuclear Medicine, will there be 
necessity to install a permanent office? 
a. Yes 
b. No 

6. Does a training center shall have a single or multiple course? 
a. Single course 
b. Multiple course 
c. All of the above 

7. Please give your comments for the establishment and the promotion 
of ASNM.