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件名The 1st Annual General Meeting on June 1, 20022017-07-20 17:52:20
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The First Annual General Meeting of ARCCNM will be held on June 1, 2002 in Dalain, China before the CJK Conference, to be held in Dalian from 2 to 3 June, 2002. 

The Registration & Abstract Form was sent to the President of each Nuclear Medicine Society and also to Working Group Members of ARCCNM. They will distribute those forms to their society members. The registration and abstract form should be submitted by February 28, 2002, but we extended the deadline by March 15, 2002. 

The ARCCNM will give a financial support (divided into Grade A, B, and C) for the participants after evaluation their paper submitted, such as accommodation charges(from May 31 to June 4; Grade C), round-trip air fare(Grade B), or both of them(Grade A). And they will also be supported registration fees for scientific sessions of CJK Conference. A brief schedule for the whole meeting is as follows: 

· 1 June 2002 : The first Annual General Meeting of ARCCNM 
· 2 - 3 June : CJK Conference 
· 4 June : Tour 

We look forward to member states' active participation to this First Annual General Meeting of ARCCNM, which is very important occasion for the promotion of Nuclear Medicine in Asia region. Thank you.