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件名The 1st Delegate Assembly (date: 2012-06-02)2017-07-20 17:47:57

The 1st Delegate Assembly


The 1st Delegate Assembly of ARCCNM

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel Dhaka, Bangladesh
18:00, 6 February 2002


1. Opening Remarks : Myung-Chul Lee, M.D.
   Welcome Address : M.A. Karim, M.D.

2. Brief Activity of ARCCNM
    a. The 1st Annual General Meeting of ARCCNM (Dalian, China)
    b. The 2nd Working Group Meeting (Manila, Philippine)
    c. The 3rd Annual General Meeting of ARCCNM in 2004
       : In conjunction with AOFNMB in Beijing, China
       : Merge of Scientific Session
       : Delegate Assembly Meeting of ARCCNM
    d. Asian School of Nuclear Medicine
    e. Others

3. Approval of New Constitution
    a. Organization of Delegate Assembly
    b. Executive Board a Advisory Members
    c. Working Group

4. National Delegate Assembly
    a. Chairman
    b. Vice Chairmen
    c. Advisory Members
    d. Working Group Members

5. Cooperation with International Organization
     a. Current Activity of WFNMB (Dr. June-Key Chung)
     b. Current Activity of AOFNMB (Dr. Sheng-Zu Chen)
     c. Others