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件名The Change of the Working Group Meeting (date: 2012-06-02)2017-07-20 17:46:07

We are changed the venue of the 1st Working Group Meeting of ARCCNM from Lahore, Pakistan to Bangkok, Thailand and it will be held during October 30-31, 2001 by the cooperation of the Thailand Society of Nuclear Medicine. The meeting place is the Montien Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Chairman and 8 Working Group Members, Dr. Myung-Chul Lee, Dr. Anchali Krisanachinda, Dr. Mizanul Hasan, Dr. Vikram R. Lele, Dr. Sang-Moo Lim, Dr. Jerry M. Obaldo, Dr. Soebowo Soemewo, Dr. Jia-He Tian and Dr. Kenichi Nakajima, will attend the meeting. 

During the meeting, there will also be an International Symposium (October 31), entitled "The Current Nuclear Medicine in Asia" for Session I and "Updated Nuclear Medicine Technology" for Session II respectively. The tentative program of the whole meeting is as follows: