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件名[ANMB] Policy Framework for the ANMB (date: 2016-02-18)2017-07-21 09:18:11

Policy Framework for the ANMB


1. Qualification of Nuclear Medicine Physician

1)   The Board office will give up to 30 awards of US $1,000.00 to selected participants subject to the following conditions:

a.   Up to five candidates from one country

b.   This support is available to only candidates less than 45 years of age.

c.   The candidates will have 5 years of experience and will submit a poster abstract as part of their application package. The abstract will be considered on its worth as one of the deciding factors for approval.

2)   The Board office will allow up to 30 candidates withoutfinancial support to those with more than 5 years of experience. There is no age limitation. They are encouraged to submit abstract but not mandatory. 

3)   Examination format:

a.   All candidates will appear in both MCQ and Oral Exam and will need to pass both.

b.   MCQs:  120 questions in 120 minutes.

c.   Oral Exam:  4 stations with clinical scenarios manned by two faculty members will be formed for Group A candidates. A replicate of 4 stations will be also be formed for Group B candidates.  At least one station in both groups should have a report-writing component. The duration of stay in each station will be determined beforehand.

d.  The candidate who fails the Oral Exam will be reviewed by the corresponding station of the other group.  If, after ensuring that language barriers and difficulty in articulation of answers have been removed as factors and the candidate is still deemed failing in the review, the candidate shall be considered failed in the Oral Exam.

e.   A quantitative tabulated score sheet shall be used by each Examiner in the assessment of candidates in the Oral Exam.

f.   Threshold for passing the MCQ will be variable and to be decided by a general faculty meeting on the evening of the exam, considering the difficulty of the examinations and the performance of the group.

g.   Those who fall below the threshold of the MCQ shall be considered failed in the MCQ.

4)   Logistics:

a.    Day 1-2:  Preparation of MCQs & clinical scenarios.

b.    Day 3: MCQs in the morning, Oral Exam in the afternoon.

                                                              i.      0830: Orientation

                                                             ii.      0900: MCQ exam

                                                            iii.      1100: Lunch break

                                                            iv.      1230: Oral Exam starts

                                                             v.      1730: Board deliberations

c.    Day 4:  Morning. ANMB meeting & presentation of Certificates.

5)   The Board will administer a separate ANMB examination which could be on-line to the invited examiners of ANMB examination.

6)   Upon successful completion of the examination the candidates will be awarded with a Fellowship of the ANMBabbreviated as FANMB.


2.   Qualification of Nuclear Medicine Pharmacist / Chemist / Physicist


1)   ANMB committee organizes an ad hoc subcommittee every year to select up to ten (10) qualified NM pharmacists, chemists and physicists for invited ANMB examination.

2)   The invited NM pharmacist/chemist/physicists take a separate ANMB examination which can be on-line and is different from that for NM physicians. 

3)   The ad hoc subcommittee prepares and administers the examination to the invited candidates.

4)   No financial support will be given to the invited candidates.

5)   Upon successful completion of the examination the candidates will be awarded with a Fellowship of the Asia Nuclear Medicine Professionals abbreviated as FANMP.


3 Requalification of Fellows


1)   Fellows (both FANMB and FANMP) will have to sit for a renewal test, which can be done on-line,every 5 years to maintain currency of their certification.


4.  Invitation of Honorary Fellow


1)   The ANMB committee selects one candidate of the Honorary Fellowship of the ANMB abbreviated as HFANMB every year.

2)   The candidate of HFANMB is a life-time contributor to NM profession.

3)   The ANMB committee recommended the candidate to the Chairman of the Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM) and the President of the Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOFNMB) for awarding HFANMB.

4)   The HFANMB award will be given by both the Chairman of ARCCNM and the President of AOFNMB.

5)   The selected HFANMB gives an invited lecture at the congress of either ARCCNM or AOFNMB.

6)   There is no requalification of HFANMB.


updated Feb. 15, 2016