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件名Nuclear Medicine Update 2019: Inaugural PET/CT Course2019-02-21 17:12:47
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Nuclear Medicine Update 2019: Inaugural PET/CT Course 

Singapore Congress of Radiology (SGCR) &

Workshops in Interventional Radiology Education Singapore (WIRES)

in conjunction with 19th Congress of the ASEAN Association of Radiology

Date: 13 – 15 AUGUST 2019

Venue: Ng Teck Fock Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Singapore



• Hybrid PET-imaging is now recognised as an indispensable tool in multiple facets of oncology

management, with clinical indications extending to dementia, cardiology and infection.

• Hybrid imaging enables combined anatomical and functional information, and with the

development of targeted molecular imaging probes, it has a key role in advancing personalised

medicine and optimised patient care.

• This symposium and hands-on workshop jointly organised by the Department of Nuclear

Medicine, University Hospital Zurich and Nuclear Medicine Society Singapore aims to provide

reporting nuclear physicians a comprehensive update of the applications of PET/CT in clinical

practice, and the evolving applications of PET/MR.


• One and a half days of lectures on the latest tracers and applications for Oncologic, Cardiac and

Neurology PET/CT and PET/MRI

• Lunchtime symposium by GE

• One day hands on workshop, reviewing PET/CT and PET/MRI cases with local and overseas


* Hands on workshop places are limited to 60. Priority will be given to those in training and

nuclear medicine physicians at the discretion of the Nuclear Medicine Society (Singapore).


Gustav VON SCHULTHESS University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Martin HUELLNER University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Pek-Lan KHONG The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

David Hock Leng NG American College of Nuclear Medicine, USA


• Nuclear Medicine Physicians wanting to learn the latest in hybrid imaging and have a hands on

experience of reporting hybrid imaging studies

• Nuclear Medicine or Radiology Residents

• Radiologists wanting to understand the role of hybrid imaging