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件名Release of eZIS software for Brain Imaging analysis2018-04-09 16:36:50
添付ファイルApplication Form (eZIS).docx (12.2KB)

Dear AOFNMB members,

Free eZIS software for brain imaging is now released to the member of AOFNMB,
courtesy of Prof. Hiroshi Matsuda, FUJIFILM RI Pharma CO., Ltd (Tokyo), 
and Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine.

This is one of the activities of Asia Oceania Research Initiative Network (AORIN) Brain
directed by Prof. Hiroshi Matsuda.

The AOFNMB member can submit the application form below. 
Please send the application form to AOFNMB Osaka Office, Osaka. (

The use of eZIS software is limited to academic research purpose only.